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The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is an independent public agency. It draws up studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues and on the integration of these policies within a context of sustainable development.

Lies Janssen

The first tasks of Lies Janssen at the Federal Planning Bureau were rather various: Regionalisation of the energy outlook 2000-2030 for Belgium (2005) and a study on the administrative burdens for the Belgian enterprises in 2004 (2006). Next came her first challenge in environmental-economic accounting, to be precise the construction of the NAMEA-energy (2006). In 2007, she left the Federal Planning Bureau to specialize in environmental statistics at Statistics Belgium, where she became intrigued by the work on environmental investments and expenses by industries. She re-joined the FPB in 2009 to compile a database and write a report on the environment industry in Belgium (2009).

Currently she continues her work on environmental accounting, focusing on physical environmental accounts. She is also involved in the development of a standard compilation procedure for energy accounts at European (PEFA, Eurostat) and at international level (SEEA-E, UN Statistics Division).



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