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The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is an independent public agency. It draws up studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues and on the integration of these policies within a context of sustainable development.

Jean-Maurice Frère

Jean-Maurice Frère has worked as an analyst in the Task Force Sustainable Development of the Federal Planning Bureau since 1998. Within a transdisciplinary context, he participates in analyses of the current situation, in policy assessments as well as in the development of prospective scenarios for the federal reports on sustainable development. He also helps draw up the reports on indicators complementary to GDP. Before 1998, he worked for HIVA, a Research Institute for Work and Society.

Jean-Maurice holds two master’s degrees in sociology and in quantitative analysis in social sciences as well as a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. His main areas of expertise are poverty and social inequality issues, especially within the field of sustainable development. In particular, he has developed a model for estimating the future evolution in Belgium of the population at risk of poverty or social exclusion. He is also co-superviser of Suspens, a Belspo research project that aims to develop a microsimulation model for estimating the ecological and socioeconomic impact on households of Belgium’s transition to a low-carbon society. Between 2002 and 2016, he was a member of the Belgian delegation for the Indicators sub-group of the Social Protection Committee of the EU’s EPSCO Council.



  •   02/507.74.74


  • Sustainable development

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