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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts.

Input-output tables: Multipliers 2015 [MULT2015_SEC2010]

SUT Products

Output multipliers for 2015, calculated with data from the 2015 input-output tables published in December 2019
Simple multipliers: in thousand hours worked per million euros of final demand for domestic production
Type I multipliers: in total amount of hours worked per initial hour worked
SUT Products (product codes based on CPA 2.1)SUT Products (product codes based on CPA 2.1)Simple employment multiplierType I employment multiplier
01AProducts of agriculture, hunting and related services21.681.44
02AProducts of forestry, logging and related services18.691.48
03AFish and other fishing products; aquaculture products; support services to fishing10.811.57
07AMetal ores5.742.83
08AOther mining and quarrying products11.171.93
10APreserved meat and meat products15.665.03
10BProcessed and preserved fish, crustaceans and molluscs5.311.66
10CProcessed and preserved fruit and vegetables10.003.08
10DVegetable and animal oils and fats3.713.71
10EDairy products12.284.72
10FGrain mill products, starches and starch products5.903.62
10GBakery and farinaceous products16.451.54
10HSugar, cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery7.502.18
10IOther food products9.072.69
10JPrepared animal feeds6.354.49
11ABeverages, except bottled waters and soft drinks6.721.91
11BBottled waters and soft drinks8.311.93
12ATobacco products6.931.44
13ATextile yarn and thread, woven textiles, textile finishing services11.341.80
13BOther textiles11.021.62
14AWearing apparel13.471.46
15ALeather and related products10.101.24
16AWood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials13.261.76
17APaper and paper products6.951.94
18APrinting and recording services14.031.46
19ACoke and refined petroleum products1.0114.86
20ABasic chemicals, fertilisers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms, except other inorganic basic chemicals3.342.68
20BOther inorganic basic chemicals3.185.43
20CPesticides and other agrochemical products8.871.38
20DPaints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics7.501.61
20ESoap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations9.381.93
20FOther chemical products3.501.92
20GMan-made fibres4.322.27
21ABasic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations6.182.77
22ARubber products8.611.58
22BPlastic products8.171.57
23AGlass and glass products11.521.62
23BRefractory products, clay building materials, other porcelain and ceramic product12.321.64
23CCement, lime and plaster7.133.06
23DArticles of concrete, cement and plaster; cut, shaped and finished stone and other non-metallic mineral products11.541.77
24ABasic iron and steel and ferro-alloys; tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel5.562.68
24BOther products of the first processing of steel; basic precious and other non-ferrous metals; casting services of metals5.662.74
25AStructural metal products; tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal; steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers; weapons and ammunition; forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming services of metal; powder metallurgy12.831.93
25BTreatment and coating services of metals; machining18.741.28
25CCutlery, tools and general hardware; other fabricated metal products13.281.55
26AElectronic components and boards; computers and peripheral equipment6.071.55
26BCommunication equipment; consumer electronics9.131.42
26CMeasuring, testing and navigating equipment; watches and clocks; irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment; optical instruments and photographic equipment; magnetic and optical media8.671.83
27AElectric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus; batteries and accumulators; wiring and wiring devices; electric lighting equipment; 11.111.37
27BDomestic appliances and other electrical equipment8.881.62
28AGeneral-purpose machinery6.861.70
28BAgricultural and forestry machinery; metal forming machinery and machine tools; other special-purpose machinery8.991.66
29AMotor vehicles4.261.86
29BBodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles; trailers and semi-trailers; parts and accessories for motor vehicles6.751.76
30AShips and boats14.712.87
30BRailway locomotives and rolling stock11.102.51
30CAir and spacecraft and related machinery7.451.67
30DMilitary fighting vehicles; other transport equipment9.692.25
32Other manufactured goods11.131.39
33ARepair and installation services of machinery and equipment14.731.61
35Electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning6.302.65
36ANatural water; water treatment and supply services12.471.88
37ASewerage services; sewage sludge7.513.14
38AWaste; waste collection services; waste treatment and disposal services11.711.85
38BMaterials recovery services; secondary raw materials5.812.42
39ARemediation services and other waste management services11.982.52
41ABuildings and building construction works15.133.27
42AConstructions and construction works for civil engineering13.042.12
43ADemolition and site preparation works17.402.33
43BElectrical, plumbing and other construction installation works15.382.04
43CBuilding completion and finishing works15.801.88
43DOther specialised construction works16.191.85
45AWholesale and retail trade and repair services of motor vehicles and motorcycles13.871.35
46AWholesale trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products12.801.50
46BWholesale trade services of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products5.751.79
47ARetail trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles and automotive fuel23.551.22
47BRetail trade services of automotive fuel12.681.53
49ARail transport services17.941.67
49BOther passenger land transport services18.601.32
49CFreight transport services by road and removal services; transport services via pipeline11.211.65
50ASea and coastal water transport services4.113.51
50BInland water transport services22.381.10
51AAir transport services5.702.47
52AWarehousing and support services for transportation11.292.11
53APostal and courier services15.691.18
55AAccommodation services17.711.46
56AFood and beverage serving services21.551.44
58APublishing services11.962.32
59AMotion picture, video and television programme production services, sound recording and music publishing9.982.57
60AProgramming and broadcasting services11.921.67
61ATelecommunications services6.441.82
62AComputer programming, consultancy and related services11.871.80
63AInformation services12.611.52
64AFinancial services, except insurance and pension funding7.352.09
65AInsurance, reinsurance and pension funding services, except compulsory social security7.912.33
66AServices auxiliary to financial services and insurance services9.582.04
68AReal estate services (excluding imputed rents)5.232.79
69ALegal and accounting services19.291.75
70AServices of head offices; management consulting services16.251.27
71AArchitectural and engineering services; technical testing and analysis services19.102.07
72AScientific research and development services14.061.33
73AAdvertising and market research services11.712.52
74AOther professional, scientific and technical services28.671.59
75AVeterinary services21.981.56
77ARental and leasing services of motor vehicles6.214.96
77BRental and leasing services of personal and household goods19.961.85
77CRental and leasing services of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods; licensing services for the right to use intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works6.082.67
78AEmployment services39.231.08
79ATravel agency, tour operator and other reservation services and related services7.881.86
80ASecurity and investigation services26.261.20
81ACombined facilities support services; landscape services25.521.50
81BCleaning services44.021.22
82AOffice administrative, office support and other business support services21.651.62
84Public administration and defence services; compulsory social security services21.281.13
85AEducation services17.391.10
86Human health services17.531.45
87AResidential care services25.641.12
88ASocial work services without accommodation45.211.06
90ACreative, arts and entertainment services23.711.55
91ALibrary, archive, museum and other cultural services18.941.32
92AGambling and betting services9.382.83
93ASporting services and amusement and recreation services19.861.69
94AServices furnished by membership organisations18.081.78
95ARepair services of computers and personal and household goods35.571.11
96AOther personal services33.631.20
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