Prospective mortality rates 2018-2070 [QX_2060]



The data contained in the file are the results of the projection by gender and unisex of the mortality rates (q-type rate) for Belgium made within the framework of the population projections 2018-2070 (according to the method described in WP 18-09).

The resulting transversal and longitudinal life expectancies are also included in the file.

  • The sheets QxObs-{F,M,U} contain observed mortality rates (q-type rate)  in complete years for women (F), men (M) and unisex (U)
  • the sheets  ExObs-{F,M,U} contain observed transversal life expectancy for women (F), men (M) and unisex (U)
  • the two next sheets (QxCalc-F et QxCalc-M)  present the calculated α_xand β_x as well as mortality rates (q-type rate)  projected by gender between 1991 and 2070
  • the sheet KxCalc shows the proportion of men in the population between 1991 and 2070 that was calculated according to the methodology described in section 4.3 of WP 18-09
  • the sheet QxCalc-U contains the results of the unisex projection calculated using the proportional method
  • the sheets ExCalc-{F,M,U} present the transversal life expectancy that was projected for women (F), men (M) and unisex (U)
  • the sheets EGxCalc-{F,M,U} present the longitudinal life expectancy that was projected for women (F), men (M) and unisex (U)


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