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Om de huidige toestand van de Belgische economie te evalueren, actualiseert het FPB regelmatig een reeks indicatoren. Die indicatoren betreffen de macro-economische situatie van de economieën van België, zijn drie buurlanden en de eurozone, alsook de transportsector.

  Euro area

Forecasts for the euro area by different institutions

 Real GDPConsumer price indexGeneral government balanceUpdated
 Growth rates in %Growth rates in %% of GDP
European Commission4,84,51,91,4----07/21
BNP Paribas Fortis5,05,22,42,1----10/21
Deutsche Bank5,04,52,42,0-7,7-4,210/21
Morgan Stanley5,04,72,31,7-7,8-4,410/21
Oxford Economics5,14,42,21,5-6,9-4,110/21
Belgian Prime News5,14,52,11,7-7,4-4,010/21
Consensus Economics5,14,42,32,0----10/21
Reuters poll4,84,32,11,6----10/21
Consensus Wirtschaftsinstitute5,04,62,32,0-7,2-3,710/21
All institutions5,04,52,21,8-7,3-4,010/21
International public institutions5,04,52,11,6-7,7-3,410/21
Credit institutions5,04,52,31,8-7,4-4,210/21


This section provides an overview of forecasts of different institutions. Only short-term forecasts generally for the current and the following year for economic growth, inflation and the general government balance are presented in the tables. Forecasts from international institutions, financial companies, research institutes and a number of consensus forecasts the euro area are reported

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