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  • Consumer Price Index & Inflation forecasts 14/02/2019

    Monthly evolution of the consumer price index and of the so-called health index, which is used for the price indexation of wages, social benefits and house-rent.

  • Future evolution of the car stock in Belgium: CASMO, the new satellite of PLANET 31/01/2019  - Publications

    Within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the Federal Planning Bureau and the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport, the Federal Planning Bureau produces every three years long-term projections of transport demand in Belgium. These projections are obtained with the national transport projection model PLANET. The current paper describes the new car stock model for Belgium, CASMO (Car Stock Model), which is linked to PLANET. When combined with the projections of transport activity levels in PLANET, these projections of the car stock model can be used to model the environmental impact of road transport. The paper discusses both methodological issues and the results that have been used in the most recent long-term projections of transport demand.

  • Outlook for transport demand in Belgium by 2040 31/01/2019  - Publications

    Within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the Federal Planning Bureau and the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport, the Federal Planning Bureau produces, every three years, long-term projections of transport demand in Belgium. This exercise is the fourth of its kind so far. It aims to make a projection of no change in policy, indicating general long-term trends and allowing elements on which transport policy should be based to be identified and the impact of transport policy measures to be studied.

  • Macro-fiscal impact of an increase in minimal social benefits 11/01/2019  - Publications

    This report presents the medium-term macroeconomic and macrofiscal impact of an increase in the federal minimal social benefits to the poverty threshold. It was drawn up at the request of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs.


  • What are the consequences of the AWG 2018 projections and hypotheses on pension adequacy? Simulations for three EU member states 19/07/2018  - Publications

    In preparation of the 2018 Pension Adequacy Report by the European Commission and the Social Protection Committee, teams from Belgium, Sweden and Italy use their microsimulation models to simulate the possible developments of pension adequacy while taking into account the set of economic and demographic projections developed by the AWG. The results of this exercise complement the AWG simulations of pension expenditures in a context of demographic. The results described in detail in this report were summarised in section 5.1.2. of the 2018 Pension Adequacy Report

  • A Multiregional Population Projection Model at the EU level 08/06/2018  - Publications

    This paper explores the possibility of building a multiregional migration model at the EU level based on Eurostat statistics on migration by country of previous and next residence, by country of birth or by citizenship. These statistics are used to build a consistent origin-destination matrix for the EU Member States. This matrix is then used to compute migration rates between EU countries, which can be inserted into a multiregional population projection model.

  • Non-take-up of employers' social security contributions cuts: the case of the “first recruitments” measure 02/05/2018  - Publications

    The ‘first recruitments’ measure aims at supporting job creation in new and small firms through a reduction in employers' social security contributions. However, part of the eligible employers does not claim this reduction. Using administrative data from the National Social Security Office, we seek to quantify this phenomenon, which may bias the intended effect of the measure, and to identify profiles of non-take-up.

  • 2018-2023 Budgetary Outlook for the federated entities 24/04/2018  - Publications

    This report presents a brief disaggregation of the budget balance of the sub-sector “communities and regions” that was published in the March 2018 “2018-2023 Economic Outlook”. The budget balances of the Flemish Community, the French-speaking Community, the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region are presented.

  • Removing youth sub-minimum wage rates in Belgium: did it affect youth employment? 16/03/2018  - Publications

    Between April 2013 and January 2015, youth sub-minimum wage rates were repealed in Belgium. We identify the impact of the reform by comparing outcomes before and after the withdrawal, across eligible and ineligible categories of young workers, and across abolishing and not abolishing joint committees. Our results show that the reform had a small positive impact on wages and on retention rates and a comparable but negative impact on accession rates.

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