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This section presents all the latest information related to the FPB, from the most recent studies, press releases and articles to publication notices, workshops and colloquia.

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  • Long-term Sustainable Development Visions: Concepts, Applications, and Elaboration ( 29/10/2013 )

    This Planning Paper explores the usefulness and the need for long-term visions of society's development to guide the achievement of a sustainable society. Such a future society is able to combine material wealth improvements with social equity and justice and to limit its environmental impact to a level within the Earth's self-recovery capabilities. Government initiatives already taken in several industrialized countries to help respond to this need are reviewed. This review covers different levels of governance, from the sub-national to the global level, with a particular focus on the Belgian Federal Sustainable Development (SD) strategy adopted in a Parliamentary Act of 1997. It analyses in particular the content and the follow-up of the 2010 revision of this Act, which has introduced a long-term vision for Sustainable Development in this strategy.



  • Twenty years of political commitment to sustainable development? ( 16/12/2011 )

    The Federal Report on Sustainable Development 2011 has been published to implement the Belgian Act of 5 May 1997 on the Coordination of Federal Sustainable Development Policy. It is the sixth sustainable development report and the first since the 2010 revision of the act. That revision stipulates that a report has to be drawn up during each five-year cycle of the act and that it consists of a status and evaluation part and a foresight part. The 2011 report presents the status and evaluation part. It examines three aspects: sustainable development trends for the past twenty years based on indicators, the Belgian federal sustainable development strategy for 1997-2010, and a series of policy measures selected from the Federal Plan for Sustainable Development



  • Measuring development progress beyond GDP ( 06/10/2009 )

    This special topic article describes three kinds of synthetic indicators complementing GDP: the Human Development Index, the Ecological Footprint with Biocapacity and, third, indicators based on Environmental Satellite Accounts. It shows that these indicators, among others, provide useful additional information on the human and environmental resource bases of development.

  • Sustainable development indicators, objectives and visions ( 06/10/2009 )

    The publication of the fifth Federal Report on sustainable development implements the Belgian Act of 5 May 1997 on the Coordination of Federal Sustainable Development Policy. This Report contributes to the debate on the role and choice of indicators and objectives for measuring the development of a country and for the implementation of that strategic process. It studies a set of sustainable development indicators (SDI) that shows to what extent living conditions in Belgium are heading towards sustainable development strategic objectives (SDSO). The Report also studies these strategic objectives in the context of long term visions of society.



  • Accelerating the transition towards sustainable development ( 10/12/2007 )

    The publication of the fourth Federal Report on sustainable  development implements the Belgian Act of 5 May  1997 on the Coordination of Federal Sustainable Development  Policy. This Act institutes a strategic process of  reporting, planning, implementation and monitoring in  order to introduce these policies in Belgium at the federal  level. This report proposes two long term (2050)  sustainable development scenarios and assesses the  existing situation, including the current policy on sustainable  development.

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