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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts.

Input-output tables : Multipliers 2010 - ESA 2010 [mult2010_sec2010]


Employment multipliers for 2010 - ESA 2010
Simple multipliers: in total number of jobs per million of euros of final demand for domestic production
Type I multipliers: in total number of jobs per initial job
P64CPA 2008Simple employment multiplierType I employment multiplier
11Products of agriculture, hunting and related services11.201.53
22Products of forestry, logging and related services9.921.71
33Fish and other fishing products; aquaculture products; support services to fishing6.081.70
405-09Mining and quarrying7.702.00
510-12Food products, beverages and tobacco products7.662.53
613-15Textiles, wearing apparel and leather products9.151.60
716Wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials8.341.84
817Paper and paper products5.851.80
918Printing and recording services9.421.58
1019Coke and refined petroleum products 0.7515.35
1120Chemicals and chemical products2.842.59
1221Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations4.602.60
1322Rubber and plastics products6.861.47
1423Other non-metallic mineral products7.851.88
1524Basic metals3.902.80
1625Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment8.911.63
1726Computer, electronic and optical products5.741.99
1827Electrical equipment6.821.61
1928Other machinery and equipment6.591.62
2029Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers3.951.94
2130Other transport equipment7.551.80
2231-32Furniture; other manufactured goods10.101.44
2333Repair and installation services of machinery and equipment10.171.44
2435Electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning4.413.22
2536Natural water; water treatment and supply services7.682.03
2637-39Sewerage; waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery; remediation activities and other waste management services 6.342.01
2741-43Constructions and construction works9.542.33
2845Wholesale and retail trade and repair services of motor vehicles and motorcycles9.871.36
2946Wholesale trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles7.961.71
3047Retail trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles16.601.19
3149Land transport services and transport services via pipelines11.401.47
3250Water transport services4.044.20
3351Air transport services4.802.87
3452Warehousing and support services for transportation8.852.07
3553Postal and courier services14.171.24
3655-56Accommodation and food services15.241.40
3758Publishing services8.362.54
3859-60Motion picture, video and television programme production services, sound recording and music publishing; programming and broadcasting services7.481.90
3961Telecommunications services5.022.29
4062-63Computer programming, consultancy and related services; information services8.672.22
4164Financial services, except insurance and pension funding5.942.04
4265Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding services, except compulsory social security6.292.28
4366Services auxiliary to financial services and insurance services7.731.98
44*68*Real estate services (excluding imputed rents)4.213.33
4569-70Legal and accounting services; services of head offices; management consulting services11.401.39
4671Architectural and engineering services; technical testing and analysis services11.111.90
4772Scientific research and development services8.461.58
4873Advertising and market research services8.233.31
4974-75Other professional, scientific and technical services; veterinary services15.891.80
5077Rental and leasing services5.912.82
5178Employment services34.791.04
5279Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation services and related services4.261.66
5380-82Security and investigation services; services to buildings and landscape; office administrative, office support and other business support services20.251.51
5484Public administration and defence services; compulsory social security services15.051.11
5585Education services15.461.08
5686Human health services13.051.41
5787-88Social work services25.351.08
5890-92Creative, arts and entertainment services; library, archive, museum and other cultural services; gambling and betting services14.051.47
5993Sporting services and amusement and recreation services14.631.58
6094Services furnished by membership organisations11.941.74
6195Repair services of computers and personal and household goods18.291.23
6296Other personal services22.571.19
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