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The FPB offers several tools for searching the website: search engine, sitemap, JEL classification and keywords. In addition, this section also shows information on the use of cookies, our user charter and the possibility to file a complaint.

Use of personal data

The ‘Privacy’ note outlines the policy of the Federal Planning Bureau with regard to the protection of private life with respect to the processing of personal data of the internet users who visit our websites and the citizens whose data is used as input for the studies and activities required for the execution of the tasks of the Federal Planning Bureau.

General information

  • Contact details of the Data controller : Mr Philippe Donnay, Commissioner, Federal Planning Bureau, 47-49 Kunstlaan/Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels. Email: Phone: 02/507.73.11.    
  • Contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO): Data Protection Officer, Federal Planning Bureau, 47-49 Kunstlaan/Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels. Email : Phone: 02/507.73.11.
  • Every citizen has the right to lodge a complaint before the Data protection authority (previously the Commission for the protection of privacy) which is the supervisory authority regarding privacy.
  • The GDPR (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data is the reference of the Federal Planning Bureau for the processing of per-sonal data as from 25 May 2018.

Basic principles of the processing of personal data

The Federal Planning Bureau complies with the basic principles of the processing of personal data:

  • Data are processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Data are processed for specific purposes, including scientific or statistical research; the processing of data is explicit and legitimate
  • Data are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary
  • Data are accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date
  • Data are kept for no longer than is necessary
  • Data are stored, processed and transmitted so as to ensure their security (availability, integrity, con-fidentiality and traceability

Processing of personal data collected by the Federal Planning Bureau

IP addresses

The IP address of the equipment used to log-in to our websites or send us an email is recorded automat-ically. Other information on the device you use and your web browsing behaviour is also registered (country, language, operator, OEM, access time, requested page, and referring Web site address). These records are part of the normal operation and of the logging of the servers (including web and mail) and of the firewalls, for example to enable our servers to give you the content of the requested pages.

The logging of the servers is used to monitor the smooth operation of the servers (technical diagnostics), to detect abnormal or unlawful activity on our websites or to provide statistics on the visits to our webpages.

Cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies

The Federal Planning Bureau uses cookies on its websites for technical purposes only, for example to record your language preferences, so that you don’t need to repeat the same actions at each visit to our website.

Three cookies are recorded by the Federal Planning Bureau: a session cookie (PHPSESSID, optional), an opt-in cookie for acceptation of cookies (displayCookieConsent) and a language preference cookie (lang).

A banner will be displayed to invite you to opt in or opt out. If you opt out, you can still visit our website, but the server will not record your previous configuration choices (such as the language preference).

If you opt in, please check your browser to have details on the cookies installed. Your browser also pro-vides the tools to delete the cookies installed. You can also set your browser so as to be informed when cookies are created or to prevent their creation (some services requiring cookies will then no longer be available).

Cookies do not contain any information making it possible to contact you by phone, email or post.

The Federal Planning Bureau does not use cookies, beacons or other tracking technologies for commer-cial, direct marketing or profiling purposes.

Link to third-party websites and applications

To allow you to interact with other websites for which you have an account (such as LinkedIn and other social media websites), we can provide links or integrate third-party applications enabling you to log on to them, post content to them, or join communities of our websites on them.

We can also provide you with general links to third-party websites or applications.

The use of these links and applications is subject to the privacy policies of the visited websites. It is up to you to become familiar with these policies.

Statistics on visits to the websites of the Federal Planning Bureau (audience analysis) are produced by a third-party web analytics named “Google Analytics”.

The Federal Planning Bureau is not responsible for the practices of third-party websites, in particular those relating to the cookies of “Google Analytics”.

Distribution lists

- Email distribution list

The only personal data on our distribution list is your email address.
The registration page in the email distribution list available on the website of the Federal Planning Bu-reau contains:

  • A brief explanation of how your email address registered in the “Distribution List” is processed,
  • One or more tick boxes to validate your consent to receive by email the corresponding categories of information,
  • Some information about your rights regarding the use of your email address by the Federal Planning Bureau and how to exercise them.

These data are used only by the Federal Planning Bureau in order to give you by email, according to the categories that you selected during the registration process, information concerning, for example, the major changes to our website, the production of new publications, our job offers or the organisation of symposiums or seminars.

- Addressing machine: (E)mail distribution list

The addressing machine of the Federal Planning Bureau contains all or part of the following personal information: title, name, first name, postal address, institution, function, phone number(s) and email addresses.

The addressing machine aims at sending you by (e)mail the type of document you want for the themes selected.

Your personal data are recorded when you voluntarily register with the addressing machine by mail sent to the Federal Planning Bureau, by email sent to or by direct contact. A form to fill in and return will be sent to you after the first contact in order to confirm your contact details and to specify which type of publications you wish to receive, which themes you wish to follow, how your personal data will be used, and how to exercise your rights under the GDPR.

Professional contact details can also be collected on public information websites of various institutions, in particular the strategic bodies of federal and regional governments as well as the media.

A mailing to the institutions is organised in accordance with article 128 of the Act of 21 December 1994 establishing social and diverse provisions (in chapter 4 “The Federal Planning Bureau”), stating that “in performing its duties, the Federal Planning Bureau coordinates and harmonises statistical and forecast information collected, developed or used. The Federal Planning Bureau makes it available to admin-istrations and public bodies, as determined by the King”.

The different data sources “Email distribution list” and “addressing machine” can be linked together, in particular in order to avoid double entries.

- Distribution lists: data retention period, data transmission and access rights to data

The data of the email distribution list and the addressing machine are not disclosed to third parties in Europe or abroad. These data are stored during the lifetime of the websites of the Federal Planning Bureau as long as you do not request your withdrawal.

Upon simple request by email to, you can exercise your rights to consult, correct, receive a copy in CSV format and delete (right to be forgotten) your data. You will be informed by email of the outcome of your request. This last paragraph will be repeated in each mailing in the form of a clickable link to this note.

Contact list “partners and suppliers”

The Federal Planning Bureau stores partners and suppliers contact details in a purchase order database for administrative purposes.
These data are not disclosed to third parties either in Europe or abroad.
These data are regularly updated by the Federal Planning Bureau.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance data are recorded on the premises of the Federal Planning Bureau as follows:

  • Purpose: Use of surveillance cameras in an enclosed location that is partly accessible to the public. Origin of the pictures: Federal Planning Bureau, 47 – 49 Kunstlaan/Avenue des Arts in 1000 Brussels, floors 1 to 7, ground floor and basements. Place of data processing: Federal Planning Bureau, 47-49 Kunstlaan/Avenue des Arts, in 1000 Brussels. Purpose: surveillance and monitoring. Legal basis: Act of 21 March 2007 on the installation and use of surveillance cameras and Royal Decree of 8 May 2018 on the notifications of installation and use of surveillance cameras.
  • Categories of data subjects: personnel, guests, visitors, technical and administrative staff of the owner, intruders.
  • Categories of data recipients: justice and police services and the filmed person.
  • Picture retention period: 8 days in the registration system, a maximum of one month for the images that are extracted from the system and that cannot serve as evidence for an act that could have judicial consequences.
  • Information and rights of data subjects: pictograms on the premises.
  • The surveillance cameras are reported to the police services.


The information of the Federal Planning Bureau that is made available on our websites under the headings ‘News’, ‘Themes’, ‘Indicators’, ‘Publications’ and ‘Data’ can be downloaded free of charge, copied and printed for your personal use. It can also be published and disseminated for non-profit activities, provided that the source is acknowledged. This information may not be traded without the prior written consent of the Federal Planning Bureau.  For information or data coming from other sources than the Federal Planning Bureau, you should verify copyright compliance with the source before a potential reuse. Images (lay-out, design and illustration) may under no circumstances be copied or reused.

Notification of changes

A general communiqué will be published on the website of the Federal Planning Bureau for any change in the personal data use policy.

Privacy issues

For any question regarding privacy protection by the Federal Planning Bureau, please contact the Data protection officer whose contact details are given above.

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