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This section presents all the latest information related to the FPB, from the most recent studies, press releases and articles to publication notices, workshops and colloquia.


  • CMTEA Workshop “Revival of the medium-term outlook in times of crisis” 01/02/2013 


    In the recent past, medium‐term projections were given less attention than short‐term analyses. However, things appear to have evolved and mid‐term prospects seem to be enjoying a renewed interest. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, many countries have been confronted with large imbalances in terms of high unemployment, unused production capacities or financial deficits. In the longer term, demographic changes, including population ageing, are likely to cause massive changes in the composition of GDP. Addressing these various challenges can only be considered in the context of medium‐ and long‐term scenarios.



  • European Workshop on Dynamic microsimulation modelling 04/03/2010 


    Developments in microsimulation go at a tremendous speed in Europe, and this not only in academic environments, but also in public research institutions and bureaus of statistics. Teams in various countries are working hard to build or further develop all sorts of microsimulation models, often based on administrative data. Other countries have the ambition to start building these kinds of models, or have already started. See the PENMICRO report at for an overview and recent developments of microsimulation in European member states.

  • Sustainable Development Indicators, Objectives and Scenarios 03/03/2010 


    The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is pleased to invite you to the seminar "Sustainable Development Indicators, Objectives and Scenarios" on Wednesday March 3, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. During this afternoon we will try to answer the question: "Is our society taking its sustainable development objectives seriously?".



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