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The FPB offers several tools for searching the website: search engine, sitemap, JEL classification and keywords. In addition, this section also shows information on the use of cookies, our user charter and the possibility to file a complaint.

User Charter

The Federal Planning Bureau’s user charter was approved and signed by the Executive Council in June 2010. It covers a number of commitments concerning the term of treatment, office opening hours, publication distribution and the evaluation of services offered.

  • The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) can be reached by telephone between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. and between 1.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. at 02/507.73.11. In case a particular employee is absent, all his/her incoming telephone calls will be automatically redirected to the reception desk.
  • The FPB will send a confirmation of receipt within 5 days after having received a request for information by a citizen or company. In principle, the FPB will provide a content-related answer within one month.
  • Requests for information, by citizens or companies, which do not concern the FPB will be passed on to the proper public service whenever possible. The concerned citizen or company will be informed of this.
  • Communication with citizens or companies can occur by different means, such as email, post, telephone or fax. All letters by the FPB list the name, function, telephone number and email address of the public servant in charge. Communication by email always states the name, function and email address of the responsible public servant.
  • The FPB will answer all emails and letters using the same means of communication which was employed by the inquirer, unless the use of email is considered inappropriate for the information concerned. Recorded delivery is exclusively reserved for absolute necessities and when prescribed by law.
  • The FPB disposes of a publicly accessible website with information on the services offered. The website is updated frequently and holds all FPB publications.
  • The FPB will regularly evaluate the quality of its services offered. For that purpose it will use internal measuring instruments.
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