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This section presents all the latest information related to the FPB, from the most recent studies, press releases and articles to publication notices, workshops and colloquia.

Press releases, events

  • The increase of social expenditure will be significant till 2050 10/07/2024

    The increase of social expenditure will be significant till 2050

    The ageing of the population will raise social expenditure from 25,8% of GDP in 2023 to 29,6% in 2050, to finally reach 30,0% in 2070. Elderly people and pensioners face a larger financial risk of poverty than the rest of the population. However, this at-risk-of-poverty rate is strongly reduced when the ownership of the home is taking into account. These are the findings of the Annual Report 2024 of the Study Committee on Ageing.

  • Workshop : CMTEA Workshop “Revival of the medium-term outlook in times of crisis” 01/02/2013 


    In the recent past, medium‐term projections were given less attention than short‐term analyses. However, things appear to have evolved and mid‐term prospects seem to be enjoying a renewed interest. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, many countries have been confronted with large imbalances in terms of high unemployment, unused production capacities or financial deficits. In the longer term, demographic changes, including population ageing, are likely to cause massive changes in the composition of GDP. Addressing these various challenges can only be considered in the context of medium‐ and long‐term scenarios.

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