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To evaluate the current state of the Belgian economy, the FPB regularly updates a series of indicators. The indicators concern the macro-economic stance of the economies of Belgium, its three neighbouring countries and the euro area, as well as the transport industry.

 Indicators : Passenger transport in passengers

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Passenger air transport

million passengers

Brussels intra-EU15.811.310.611.711.511.814.315.715.417.217.2
Brussels extra-EU5.
Frankfurt (Main)49.051.852.656.357.357.959.460.960.764.469.4
Paris Charles de Gaulle49.753.457.960.761.461.963.665.765.969.472.2
London Heathrow64.367.765.769.470.072.373.475.075.778.080.1
Amsterdam Schiphol39.344.145.149.751.052.555.058.263.568.471.0

Source:EUROSTAT (Transport database) and European Commission (Statistical Pocketbook - EU Transport in figures)


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