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The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is an independent public agency. It draws up studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues and on the integration of these policies within a context of sustainable development.

Maritza López-Novella

Maritza López Novella is specialised in the micro-econometric analysis of employment, unemployment and wage setting in Belgium. Part of her role within the “Labour market” team is to process the individual data provided by the various social security administrations to be used in the different forecasting models of the Federal Planning Bureau. Another part is to carry out empirical analyses based on these longitudinal databases to gain a better understanding of the functioning of the Belgian labour market and to assess policy measures. She has carried out studies on the setting and evolution of wages, including collective bargaining and wage drift, and on the impact on employment length of policies aimed at reducing wage cost and measures to extend working lives. Her current research projects include studying the impact of the increase in the youth minimum wage on youth employment and the link between qualifications and unemployment duration.

She is active in support committees for research projects on labour market funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. As an expert adviser, she also takes part in the work of various groups such as the Expert Group on Competitiveness and Employment and the Belgian Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.



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