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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts.

The administrative burden in Belgium [ASA]



The database includes the main measures of the administrative burden for companies and the self-employed in Belgium from the biennial surveys conducted by the Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) since 2000. It also includes a qualitative part, which allows the evolution in the perception of the quality of regulation and of contacts with the administration to be followed.

The database contains the main results of the FPB’s biennial surveys to establish the extent of the administrative burden for companies and the self-employed in Belgium. It also includes qualitative variables that reflect the view of companies and the self-employed on the quality of regulation and on their contact with the administrative department responsible for its implementation. The database also holds information about the surveys themselves.

The first survey covered the administrative costs for the year 2000. The survey is conducted every two years using the same methodology and includes three regulatory domains for companies - employment, taxation and the environment - and two regulatory domains for the self-employed - taxation and the environment.  Full information about the survey and the analysis of its results can be found in the FPB’s following publications: Working Papers 04-00, 01-24, and Planning Papers 92, 94, 100, 103, 108, 110, 114, 115 and 116.

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