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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts.

Energy outlook for Belgium towards 2050 (October 2017 edition) - Statistical annex [ENFOR]



The statistics and projections are based on the principles of the Eurostat energy balances. The projections are mainly generated with the aid of the energy model PRIMES. This file completes the publication “The Belgian energy landscape by 2050 : an outlook assuming no changes in policy” which is updated every 3 years. The file contains data for the period 2015-2050.

The statistics and projections are subdivided into 6 themes:

  • Gross Inland Consumption (GIC);
  • Final Energy Demand (FED);
  • Supply and demand of electricity (elec-TWh);
  • Power production capacity (elec-MW);
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (emissions);
  • Indicators related to the energy outlook (indicators).


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