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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts. [INNO_DATA]



The website provides a set of indicators describing the progress made by Belgium and its regions in the field of innovation. Data are also available for the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the EU average and the euro area. The website has been developed by the Federal Planning Bureau at the request of the Federal Science Policy, following the Federal Government’s decision to create a transversal technology platform.

The website is organised into 4 sections:

  • Assessment by international, national and regional organisations
    The relative strengths and weaknesses of the national/regional Belgian innovation systems identified in international, national and regional reports are summarised in this section.
  • Europe 2020 Indicators
    This section provides the headline targets to be reached in the framework of the Europe 2020 Strategy that are linked to the field of innovation.
  • Indicators of the innovation system
    The database distinguishes six innovation dimensions captured by over 150 indicators:
    • Socio-economic context;
    • Business environment, finance, entrepreneurship;
    • Human resources: education and R&D employment;
    • R&D and innovation expenditure;
    • Public support for R&D and innovation;
    • Outputs of the innovation process.

    All data are downloadable.

  • Overall performance of the system
    The overall performance of the Belgian national/regional innovation system(s) is shown in a radar chart. This graph gives a synthetic overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Belgium and its regions in comparison with the EU average and the neighbouring countries.

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