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To promote transparency and provide information, the Federal Planning Bureau regularly publishes the methods and results of its works. The publications are organised in different series, such as Outlooks, Working Papers and Planning Papers. Some reports can be consulted here, along with the Short Term Update newsletters that were published until 2015. You can search our publications by theme, publication type, author and year.

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  • Fact Sheet 005 : Belgium – excess mortality in 2020: 124,000 years of life lost 10/05/2021

    Excess mortality in 2020 is estimated at 16,000 deaths. These 16,000 people lost a combined 124,000 years of life, given their life expectancy, or an average of 7.7 years per person. These values seem to show that COVID-19 did not just cause the death of the most vulnerable people who, in the absence of the epidemic, would have died anyway in the next weeks or months.

    Fact Sheets - Fact Sheet 005  


  • Fact Sheet 002 : Sources of growth 15/06/2020

    How do capital, labour and technical progress contribute to growth? The EUKLEMS database of the Federal Planning Bureau provides an answer to this question.

    Fact Sheets - Fact Sheet 002  

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