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 JEL GuideLabor and Demographic EconomicsWages, Compensation, and Labor CostsNonwage Labor Costs and Benefits; Private Pensions [J32]


  • Tax expenditures for second pillar pensions in Belgium - An analysis of the size of public subsidies for employees and the self-employed [11/05/2021]

    The debate on the affordability of pensions is mostly limited to legal pensions while thus far, the affordability of supplementary pensions has hardly received any attention. Nevertheless, an increase in these pensions also affects public finances considering the lower government revenues that result from the various tax incentives used to promote supplementary pension saving. In this report we calculate the total impact of tax incentives for second pillar pensions on Belgian public finances. 

    Working Paper 03-21
  • The population at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Belgium - Projection until 2030 [28/11/2016]

    This Working Paper presents, on the basis of information available until July 2016, a projection at unchanged policy until 2030 of the population at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Belgium, as defined in the framework of the Europe 2020 Strategy. This population should amount to 2.232 million people in 2018, or 418 000 more than the Europe 2020 target. By 2030, its share should shrink to 16.1%, still 5.6 percentage points higher than the goal resulting from the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    Working Paper 12-16
  • Consequences of taxing labour in a small open economy [01/12/1989]

    Planning Paper 40
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