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 JEL GuideIndustrial OrganizationFirm Objectives, Organization, and BehaviorFirm Organization and Market Structure: Markets vs. Hierarchies; Vertical Integration [L22]


  • How strong does competition play in Belgian industries? [09/02/2023]

    This article presents estimates of mark-ups in different industries within the Belgian market sector over the periods 1997-2008 and 2009-2020. The mark-up allows to evaluate the intensity of competition in a sector. Our results show that, on average, competition is weaker in services than in manufacturing.  Within manufacturing, there is little variation across sectors and over time. Within services, mark-up variations are more pronounced.

    Article 015
  • The most important R&D industries in Belgium – Structural evolutions and firm strategy [22/12/2020]

    Has the production process of the industries that do the most R&D in Belgium changed over the last 10 years? This analysis attempts to answer this question using both sectoral and company data.

    Working Paper 07-20
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