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The FPB’s studies cover 11 main themes: Energy, Environmental economic accounts and analyses, International economy, Labour market, Macroeconomic forecasts and analyses, Public finances, Sectoral accounts and analyses, Social protection, demography and prospective studies, Structural studies, Sustainable development, Transport.

DC2019 - Doorrekening-Chiffrage 2019



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In April 2014, the Belgian Parliament adopted the Act on the assessment by the Federal Planning Bureau of the election manifestos presented by the political parties for the elections to the House of Representatives. The project will be denoted by the abbreviation ‘DC2019’, in reference to ‘Doorrekening-Chiffrage 2019’.

The assessment is defined in the Act as a ‘calculation of the short- and medium-term consequences on public finances, on the purchasing power and employment of the various income groups and on social security as well as the effects on the environment and mobility that the implementation of the list of priorities would entail’.

The main documents that have been drawn up by the FPB during the preparation phase are published under this theme and are available in French and Dutch only. The assessment results will be published on 26 April 2019 on the website


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