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The FPB not only publishes the results of its research, but also a set of databases. These databases can contain either historical data or forecasts.

Environmental taxes by economic activity (2008-2022) [ETEA_15]



This account presents the distribution of four types of environmental taxes (taxes on energy, taxes on transport, taxes on pollution and taxes on resources) across industries (NACE Rev.2 A64), households and non-residents for the period 2008-2022.

All taxes on energy products are considered as taxes on energy, including taxes on petrol and diesel. Taxes on transport only include taxes which are not related to energy use. Value added taxes are not taken into account because these taxes are levied on all kinds of products.

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These data are available as open data on the Eurostat website. A query API is provided.

Url : Environmental taxes by economic activity (NACE Rev. 2)

Url : Energy taxes by paying sector


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