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The FPB’s studies cover 11 main themes: Energy, Environmental economic accounts and analyses, International economy, Labour market, Macroeconomic forecasts and analyses, Public finances, Sectoral accounts and analyses, Social protection, demography and prospective studies, Structural studies, Sustainable development, Transport.

Environmental economic accounts and analyses




Environmental Goods and Services Sector Accounts 2014-2021 [31/10/2023]

In this publication the National Accounts Institute presents the EGSS for the years 2014-2021.

Carbon footprint of Belgian regions [17/01/2023]

In international agreements, countries are considered responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions linked to their production activities. The carbon footprint provides an alternative assessment of this responsibility by attributing emissions to the country where the goods and services are consumed. This study presents the production-based CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint of the three Belgian regions for the year 2015. According to the results, the carbon footprint exceeds production-based emissions for all three regions. This implies that their contribution to global CO2 emissions is larger from a consumption perspective than from a production perspective.

Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts 2014-2020 [20/12/2022]

European Regulation No 691/2011 obliges the member states of the European Union to deliver six environmental economic accounts to Eurostat. The accounts concerned are the three accounts that have been obligatory since 2013, the Environmental Taxes by Economic Activity (ETEA), the Air Emissions Accounts (AEA) and the Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts (EW-MFA), as well as the three accounts that have to be delivered as of 2017, the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS), the Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts (EPEA), and the Physical Energy Flow Accounts (PEFA).

In this publication the National Accounts Institute presents the EPEA for the years 2014-2020.



Environmental economic accounts are satellite accounts to the national accounts. Satellite accounts constitute both a supplement and an extension to the national accounts and are aimed at providing analyses and indicators to support the political decision-making process.


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