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 JEL GuideLabor and Demographic EconomicsDemographic Economics [J1]


  • La soutenabilité de la protection sociale [13/12/2013]

    This Working Paper studies the financial and social sustainability of the Belgian social protection system. The results of this publication were presented at the 20st Congrès des économistes belges de langue française and published in the conference proceedings. Assuming no policy changes and against the background of population ageing, the long-term public finance projections highlight an important budgetary challenge. In that framework, this paper examines a number of pathways based on the three pillars of the European strategy as determined during the 2001 Stockholm summit. The budgetary strategy (pillar 1) of the Belgian stability programme in itself does not guarantee the long-term sustainability of public finance and should, therefore, be completed by reforms in support of economic growth (through employment or productivity, pillar 2) or reforms of the pension schemes (as part of pillar 3). The social consequences of the reforms which alter the generosity of the pension schemes should not be overlooked.

    Working Paper 15-13
  • Contribution au 20e Congrès des Economistes belges de langue française - La soutenabilité de la protection sociale [21/11/2013]

  • Mesures prises en 2012 dans les branches chômage et pension : évaluation des effets selon le genre
    Maatregelen genomen in 2012 in de takken werkloosheid en pensioenen: evaluatie van de effecten volgens geslacht [28/02/2013]

    Working Paper 03-13
  • The methodology developed by the Federal Planning Bureau to produce long-term scenarios [06/03/2012]

    The Federal Planning Bureau has a long tradition in providing long-term projections focused on the evolution of social expenditure within an overall framework of public finance, using the MALTESE system of models. This outlook is based on different scenarios: demographic, socio-economic, macroeconomic and welfare adjustment. The purpose of this publication is to describe the methodology for the construction of the socio-economic and macroeconomic scenarios and to illustrate it by presenting the main results from the 2011 projection for the Annual Report of the Study Group on Ageing.

    Working Paper 05-12
  • Qualitative Employment Multipliers for Belgium, Results for 2000 and 2002 [03/12/2007]

    The paper describes how an input-output table can be linked to detailed employment data in order to provide qualitative employment multipliers. Qualitative employment multipliers specify the direct and indirect labour use by final demand products of worker types differentiated by gender, age class, professional status, educational attainment level, labour regime or a combination of these characteristics.

    Working Paper 15-07
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