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 JEL GuideEconomic Development, Technological Change, and GrowthTechnological ChangeInnovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives [O31]


  • Le système d’innovation en Wallonie [28/02/2012]

    This working paper analyses the performances of the Walloon innovation system in 2010. It concentrates on the six dimensions of the innovation system: knowledge development, human resources, R&D valorisation, innovation absorption capacity, entrepreneurial skills and financing capacity. These pillars are assessed by comparing the Walloon performances with those of European countries and regions with a similar industrial heritage. The analysis underlines the good performances of the mobilisation of financial resources in favour of R&D activities but also a potential problem in terms of human resources available for these activities. Maintaining a sufficient flow of competence by new science graduates and engineers and by the implementation of lifelong learning remains the key challenge in the years to come.

    Working Paper 04-12
  • Le système d’innovation en Wallonie [22/02/2010]

    Working Paper 01-10
  • Le système d’innovation en Wallonie [10/02/2009]

    The Working Paper analyses the performances of the Walloon innovation system in 2008. This analysis concentrates on the six dimensions of the innovation system: knowledge development, human resources, R&D exploitation, innovation absorption capacity, entrepreneurial skills and financing capacity.  These foundations are evaluated by comparing the performances of the Walloon innovation system with the performances of innovation systems of other countries and regions in Europe. They were chosen for their socio-economic proximity to the Walloon region. The examination of the Walloon innovation system reveals a problem that is essentially connected with the capacity to turn research and innovation efforts into economic results that are sufficient for the Region.

    Working Paper 02-09
  • Le système d’innovation en Wallonie [10/03/2008]

    Working Paper 06-08
  • Le financement public de l’innovation : Etude comparative Finlande, Suède, Belgique / De overheidsfinanciering van innovatie: Vergelijkende studie van Finland, Zweden en België  [29/09/2006]

    This working paper analyses public financing in two countries that have already reached the Barcelona goal (R&D expenditure on GDP at least equal to 3%), Finland and Sweden, and compares it with the situation in Belgium. This comparison covers not only the quantitative aspects but also the organisational dimension of the public support for innovation.

    Working paper 09-06
  • Fiscale O&O-stimuli in België [20/07/2006]

    Working Paper 06-06
  • Innovation et R&D dans les régions belges dans une perspective européenne
    Innovatie en O&O in de Belgische gewesten in een Europees perspectief [28/06/2005]

    Working Paper 13-05
  • Production and diffusion of ICT in Belgium [15/01/2002]

    Information and communication technology (ICT) has become a significant economic activity in most industrialized countries as well as an important engine of innovation and changes in the rest of the economy. It has been recognized as one of the key factors boosting productivity growth and hence business sector competitiveness. Various initiatives have been recently adopted at regional, national and European levels in order to meet quickly the new challenges of ICT use and diffusion in Europe. A growing number of indicators are now available in order to assess the position of each country or region in terms of ICT development and to guide policy decisions in that field. The aim of this report is to provide a clear and succinct view of the relative development of ICT in Belgium by analyzing both the production and the diffusion of ICT in our economy 1 and to highlight the main weaknesses and strengths of the Belgian economy in that area. Even if the sector has been recently characterised by stock markets ups and downs and numerous bankruptcies, production of ICT goods and services has contributed significantly during the nineties to the growth of economic activity and employment in some industrialised countries as for instance in Anglo-saxon and Scandinavian countries. Has Belgian economic activity benefited from the boom in the ICT sector to the same extent as other industrialised countries? What kind of development can be expected in the future? These are the main questions addressed in the part of the report devoted to the analysis of the Belgian ICT production sector.

    Working Paper 01-02
  • The financing of innovation with venture capital - An update of the EU benchmarking pilot project from a Belgian perspective [15/11/2000]

    Working Paper 09-00
  • De impact van innovatie op de groei van toegevoegde waarde en tewerkstelling - Een studie van de levenscyclus van innoverende en niet-innoverende ondernemingen in België [15/12/1998]

    Working Paper 09-98
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