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 JEL GuideAgricultural and Natural Resource EconomicsEnvironmental Economics [Q5]


  • Measuring wellbeing’s sustainability: construction of four composite indicators to measure the wellbeing of the future generations in Belgium [28/02/2020]

    This Working paper proposes four new composite indicators to measure the wellbeing’s sustainability by using the stock of capitals passed on to the future generations. These indicators measure the evolution of the human, social, natural and economic capital. Their analysis shows that wellbeing’s sustainability in Belgium is questioned due to the diminution of the natural capital. 

    Working Paper 02-20
  • Vehicle stock modelling in long term projections - Survey of the literature [26/07/2017]

    Transport models used for long-term projections should reflect the impact of shared, automated and electric mobility modes. The objective of the current paper is to derive lessons from the existing literature on vehicle ownership modelling to find options to further improve the PLANET model, which is used for projections of transport demand in Belgium.

    PLANET is already well equipped to represent the impacts of shared and automated cars on the opportunity cost of travel time, the load factors and the annual mileage of cars.

    Working Paper 08-17
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