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 JEL GuideAgricultural and Natural Resource EconomicsEnvironmental EconomicsTechnological Innovation [Q55]


  • Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts 2014-2018 [21/12/2020]

    European Regulation No 691/2011 (amended by European Regulation No 538/2014) obliges the member states of the European Union to deliver six environmental economic accounts as of 2017. The accounts concerned are the three accounts that have been obligatory since 2013, the Environmental Taxes by Economic Activity (ETEA), the Air Emissions Accounts (AEA) and the Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts (EW-MFA), as well as the three accounts that have been delivered since 2017, the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS), the Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts (EPEA), and the Physical Energy Flow Accounts (PEFA).

    In this publication the National Accounts Institute presents the EPEA for the years 2014-2018.

  • Total cost of ownership of electric cars compared to diesel and gasoline cars in Belgium [27/12/2019]

    We compare the TCO of fully electric cars (BEV) with those of diesel and gasoline cars. In the size class “small”, BEV only have a lower TCO for an expected lifetime that exceeds most estimates of the planning horizon people use when purchasing cars. In the size class “medium”, BEVs have a lower TCO than conventional cars if their expected lifetime mileage is high enough. “Big” electric cars have higher TCO than their conventional counterparts for any reasonable assumption regarding their use profiles. 

  • Fuel excise reform in Belgium - Long term effects on the environment, traffic and public finance [08/12/2015]

    This paper seeks to analyze the long term effects on traffic, environmental quality and public finance of the planned reform of fuel excise duties in Belgium. In the framework of a large scale tax reform, the Belgian federal government will implement an equalization of diesel and petrol excise rates over the 2016-2018 period.

    Working Paper 09-15
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