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To promote transparency and provide information, the Federal Planning Bureau regularly publishes the methods and results of its works. The publications are organised in different series, such as Outlooks, Working Papers and Planning Papers. Some reports can be consulted here, along with the Short Term Update newsletters that were published until 2015. You can search our publications by theme, publication type, author and year.

What are the consequences of the AWG-projections for the adequacy of social security pensions ? An application of the dynamic micro simulation model MIDAS for Belgium, Italy and Germany [ MIDAS 0901 - ]

In the context of a European-funded sixth framework project called AIM, a dynamic microsimulation model MIDAS is being developed for Belgium, Germany and Italy. This is a joint effort by three institutions, the German DIW, the Italian ISAE and the Belgian FPB. This model MIDAS simulates future developments of the adequacy of pensions, following wherever possible the projections and assumptions of the Ageing Working Group.  This paper describes the model MIDAS in detail. It next presents and discusses some simulation results for Belgium, Germany and Italy. Finally, the simulation results of two alternative policy scenarios are presented and discussed.


, Hermann Buslei (A), Maria Cozzolino (A), , Johannes Geyer (A), Dirk Hofmann (A), Michele Raitano (A), Viktor Steiner (A), Paola Tanda (A), Simone Tedeschi (A), Frédéric Verschueren (A)
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