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 JEL GuideIndustrial OrganizationIndustry Studies: ServicesSports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism [L83]


  • Analysis of the macroeconomic effects of organising the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Belgium [24/03/2010]

    This  study  discusses  the  possible  effects  of  the  Football  World  Cup  in  2018  on  economic  expenditures.  These  expenditures  mainly  concern  investments  in  stadiums  and  tourist spending  by  visitors.  However,  visiting  teams,  the  media  and  organisational  and  security spending also generate effects. Total expenditure is estimated at €1.15 billion, spread over an eight - year  period,  with  a  large  confidence  interval.  The  effects  of  those  expenditures  on  economic  activity  were  calculated  using  two  economic  models:  an  input - output  model  and  the macroeconomic  model, HERMES .  The  effect  on GDP should  amount  to  approximately  0.13%  in 2018. Employment should increase by roughly 450 to 750 jobs during the run - up to the tournament and by an equivalent of 4 000 to 8 000 man - years in the course of the tournament itself.

    Working Paper 08-10
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