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Om de huidige toestand van de Belgische economie te evalueren, actualiseert het FPB regelmatig een reeks indicatoren. Die indicatoren betreffen de macro-economische situatie van de economieën van België, zijn drie buurlanden en de eurozone, alsook de transportsector.

 Indicatoren : Current account balance, 3-year average

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Current account balance 3-year average

in % of GDP


Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.


Description: the balance of payments is the statistical statement that systematically summarises, for a specific time period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world. The balance of payments is broken down into three broad sub-balances: the current account, the capital account, and the financial account. Current account is the major driver of net lending/net borrowing of an economy; it provides important information about the economic relations of a country with the rest of the world. It covers all transactions (other than those in financial items) that involve economic values and occur between resident and non-resident units. The indicator is based on the IMF's sixth Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6). The indicator in the Alert Mechanism Scoreboard is the 3 year backward moving average (average of t-2, t-1 and t). The thresholds are -4% and +6% of GDP.

Unit: % of GDP.

Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.

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