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The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is an independent public agency. It draws up studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues and on the integration of these policies within a context of sustainable development.

Alain Henry

Alain Henry has been working since 2004 as an analyst at the Federal Planning Bureau in the Task Force on Sustainable Development, which he has been coordinating since February 2015. Moreover, using a transdisciplinary approach, he contributes to the analyses of the present situation, the policy assessments and the prospective scenarios in the Federal Reports on Sustainable Development. He holds a master’s degree in physics and in economics. His areas of expertise include transport, energy and climate change, all within the context of sustainable development. He contributes to foresight activities, in particular by developing the TransAccount accounting model.

He started his career at the economic research firm Standard & Poor’s DRI (now integrated into IHS Global Insight), where he participated in and later managed intersectoral studies and impact assessments of environmental policies in the field of transport and energy. Subsequently, he worked at KU Leuven (studying energy production costs) and then joined the research firm STRATEC where he was responsible for studies in the transport sector.




  • Sustainable development (Coordinator)

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